Friday, January 17, 2014

SNOWMEN: {Let's Try Sharing a Document!}

Hi There Friends!

So I have created quite a few printables that I would like to make free for anyone, and so I am trying out some different options.  Here are the first few!  Please leave a comment so I know if you are liking it and if it is easy to access!  I used Google Docs sharing, so hopefully it runs smoothly.:)

We are talking about all things winter for our preschool time and I kinda have a thing for snowmen!  So for the littler ones I help cut some of the smaller stuff or at least roughly cut them apart and then let them do more and then glue it onto a piece of construction paper!  Hope your littles love it as much as mine!:)

My kids are all about measuring tapes and how long things are, so here is a great way to encourage those math skills!  As an additional challenge, you can have them guess or ESTIMATE and then measure and see how close they are!:)

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