Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter Themes

So winter is in full gear across the country.  My sister was telling me that Alaska and Florida were the same temperatures yesterday and today.  Insane.  Anyways.  For Preschool in the month of January we are talking about Winter and all things COLD!:)  I love Pinterest and the ability that it gives me to get into the creative genius of other people's minds.  Many of the ideas for this month can be found on a couple of my boards:



We are talking about Arctic Animals this week (well, more just animals in cold climates and how different animals deal with cold, like hibernating, migrating, etc.)  Next week we will talk about winter as a season.  Then we will do a whole week on snowmen because I am obsessed...and it is my birthday week so I can do whatever I want to!:)  And the last week I am still not 100% sure of, but we will probably spend some time talking about Martin Luther King, Jr...  I'll be sure to keep you all updated and I will include more specific lesson plans and pictures!:)

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