Saturday, April 26, 2014

Primary BINGO

So I am in charge of the Primary Breakfast this next week for our church.  Ages 18 months to 12 years and we expect around 80 kids plus family coming, so upwards of 100.  I am slightly overwhelmed, but I made a   Primary Bingo game as part of the activity rotations.  You can download your own copy of it (Word version) here or (pdf version) here.  I just realize that there are 2 President Monsons on page 10, but I am too far gone to fix that, so go for it yourself if it drives you crazy.  Also, page 1 combined with the top 2 rows of page ten will give you every graphic that you need to draw out pictures, so just print and cut out the graphics for those pages and you are good to go.  All clipart found at

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Winter Play Idea: Modeling (Sticky Foam) Beads

The Dollar Tree had these a few months ago and I thought they would be a great idea for our rainy day bucket.  Our rainy/icy days have been...frequent as of late, so we pulled them out!  I am not a professional artist by any means, but it satisfied my 6, 4, & 2 year olds...:)  We had so much fun!  But warning, they are sticky.  And even going through the wash on clothes, they still are sticky.  After we pulled them all out and mixed them all together, we ended up sticking it all in a giant Ziploc baggie for next time!  $6 well spent!:)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

One More Free Winter Preschool Printable

Here is one more winter themed worksheet!  Enjoy!
We'll branch out a bit more in the next week or so!:)

And in my perusal of more ideas for my kiddos I found this site that looks like it has a plethora of fun activities and crafts for winter time with our little munchkins!:)  Happy learning!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Free Preschool Winter Printables

I have been going a little crazy creating fun worksheets for my kiddos for the upcoming snowman week, but on the bright side, you all get to be part of the fun!  Here are three more free printables for you and yours to enjoy and share!  Just please leave me a comment if you decide to download them and let me know how you like them!:)

I thought these snow friends would make a great puzzle if printed onto card stock and cut into pieces- even have your little one help make it into the puzzle and then put it together!

Friday, January 17, 2014

A is for Alligator

I originally wrote this in September, but due to issues of the technical and stressful manner, I am just getting around to posting it now.  Sorry for the delay.:)

Hi there friends and fellow moms!  This year my oldest started kindergarten and my next one is in his second year of preschool and rather than do the co-op and community preschool that my older son did last year, I have opted to do homeschool preschool with him, and let me tell you I AM LOVING IT!  We are having so much fun doing all sorts of wonderful activities, and I thought I would share most of them with you.  I have even figured out how to share the documents that I created to go along with the themes.  As usual, I will try my best to link you to the original source of my inspiration.  Some of it came from places other than Pinterest, though- like my own head!;)  So hope you enjoy!

Our first day we studied A is for Alligator!
This is the worksheet that I made to start the day.  They traced and colored the letters, then cut and pasted the 'teeth' along the bottom to turn this
into these:
(sorry, not the greatest picture, but you get the point.)
 Inspiration found here through Pinterest.

We also picked up some books from the library and learned more about the American Alligator through National Geographics' amazing kids website!  I love finding stuff like this!:)

SNOWMEN: {Let's Try Sharing a Document!}

Hi There Friends!

So I have created quite a few printables that I would like to make free for anyone, and so I am trying out some different options.  Here are the first few!  Please leave a comment so I know if you are liking it and if it is easy to access!  I used Google Docs sharing, so hopefully it runs smoothly.:)

We are talking about all things winter for our preschool time and I kinda have a thing for snowmen!  So for the littler ones I help cut some of the smaller stuff or at least roughly cut them apart and then let them do more and then glue it onto a piece of construction paper!  Hope your littles love it as much as mine!:)

My kids are all about measuring tapes and how long things are, so here is a great way to encourage those math skills!  As an additional challenge, you can have them guess or ESTIMATE and then measure and see how close they are!:)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter Themes

So winter is in full gear across the country.  My sister was telling me that Alaska and Florida were the same temperatures yesterday and today.  Insane.  Anyways.  For Preschool in the month of January we are talking about Winter and all things COLD!:)  I love Pinterest and the ability that it gives me to get into the creative genius of other people's minds.  Many of the ideas for this month can be found on a couple of my boards:

We are talking about Arctic Animals this week (well, more just animals in cold climates and how different animals deal with cold, like hibernating, migrating, etc.)  Next week we will talk about winter as a season.  Then we will do a whole week on snowmen because I am obsessed...and it is my birthday week so I can do whatever I want to!:)  And the last week I am still not 100% sure of, but we will probably spend some time talking about Martin Luther King, Jr...  I'll be sure to keep you all updated and I will include more specific lesson plans and pictures!:)