Friday, January 17, 2014

A is for Alligator

I originally wrote this in September, but due to issues of the technical and stressful manner, I am just getting around to posting it now.  Sorry for the delay.:)

Hi there friends and fellow moms!  This year my oldest started kindergarten and my next one is in his second year of preschool and rather than do the co-op and community preschool that my older son did last year, I have opted to do homeschool preschool with him, and let me tell you I AM LOVING IT!  We are having so much fun doing all sorts of wonderful activities, and I thought I would share most of them with you.  I have even figured out how to share the documents that I created to go along with the themes.  As usual, I will try my best to link you to the original source of my inspiration.  Some of it came from places other than Pinterest, though- like my own head!;)  So hope you enjoy!

Our first day we studied A is for Alligator!
This is the worksheet that I made to start the day.  They traced and colored the letters, then cut and pasted the 'teeth' along the bottom to turn this
into these:
(sorry, not the greatest picture, but you get the point.)
 Inspiration found here through Pinterest.

We also picked up some books from the library and learned more about the American Alligator through National Geographics' amazing kids website!  I love finding stuff like this!:)

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