Monday, August 12, 2013

Week Three: Our Bodies

For Week Three of our Summer Camps, we learned all about our bodies!  We practiced flexing our muscles and looked at some pictures of the different layers of our bodies.  After that we put together a puzzle of our bones!!  They were just the right size!  (Found here).

Then we focused on what we do to keep our bodies healthy.  We had races in the back yard and played basketball inside, discussing the benefits of exercise.  Then we watched a video of the Magic School Bus on YouTube that has since been removed.  It talked about the digestive system and turning food into energy...

Then we talked about how everyone is different and how each body is great!  And I had previously cut out a bajillion faces from magazines and they each cut parts of the faces out to make their own collage..

We had a great time and I think that everyone learned something new about their bodies!:)

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