Thursday, June 20, 2013

Week Two: Dinosaur Camp!!

I am going to try really hard and reference where I got all my ideas, because I want to give credit where credit is due.  If I miss something, we'll just have to chalk it up to human error and my brain being dead today!:)  And these activities are not in the correct order at all.  Not even sure what order I did them in to be honest. :)

I made Dinosaur fossils from a basic salt dough (she did the microwave version, I doubled the recipe and baked it since I did it the day before and had plenty of time...).  Then we rolled it out and squashed dinosaurs and tracks and plants into it...

One of our activities was matching the dinosaurs to their tracks and shapes on the baked dough.  They had a great time and it was a great activity to entertain all in the age span (2 to 7.5 this week).

As one of our snacks, I saw this cute idea to make dinosaur biscuits and I thought that was a great idea, but changed it a bit for me.  I made snickerdoodles (I'll post my mom's recipe sometime) and instead of squashing them with a fork like I normally do, I made this potato stamp and let the kids stamp a T-Rex footprint onto their cookie!!  They loved it!:)

I typically have an independent activity for them to do while we're either waiting for the rest of our friends to arrive or in between activities while I set up, etc.  I really love and think that they create some wonderful activities for kids, especially pre-k.  So this is the gang doing some dinosaur puzzles that I had found there...

 Another activity was painting some dinosaurs that I had made from plaster.  I did them the day before also because I wasn't sure about setting time...and I wasn't sure I could handle extra helpers...:) 

While half of the kids painted, the other half made dinosaurs and fossils with play dough, then we switched...

 We also did a dinosaur maze and then we drew around that dinosaur what we thought their home would have looked like around them...:)

 Our other snack for the day were Dino Chips!  (Tortilla shells cut into dinosaur shapes with a dino sandwich cutter and then baked for a few minutes.)  I let the kids put cheese on top if they wanted.

We also watched the Dinosaur Train song about dinosaurs A to Z, this video explaining what fossils are and how they form, and a fun Dinosaur Song video as well.

We all had so much fun at Dinosaur Camp this week and can't wait for more adventures next week as we learn more about our bodies and how we can keep them healthy!!:)

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