Monday, August 12, 2013

Week Four: America the Beautiful!!

What better way to ring in Independence Day than by celebrating all things Red, White & Blue?  My thoughts exactly!  So on July 2, we talked about all things America...  Well, not ALL things, but a lot!:)

Let's be honest, I don't remember everything that we did.  That is one of the disadvantages of being crazy and procrastinating for over a month (but I was out of town for three of the weeks, so give me a little slack, all right?;).  But here is what I do remember!  We had fun!

One of the highlights were the cookies!  I let them help cut out the stars, then used the leftover dough to make cookie swirls (inspiration found here).  I let them frost and sprinkle to their hearts desire!:)

I used the recipe here to color noodles, which turned out much better in color than I anticipated!  They each got to string a necklace with red and blue pasta!:)

Saw an idea to make these centerpieces here and then we used construction paper and dollar store stickers to decorate them!:)

Found this printable here and we talked about the fifty states and which ones we had all lived in!  They got to color them however they chose.

They each got a blank white page and a red page to cut out strips.  I cut out the blue square, then each glued their own together and used a white crayon to make 50 stars...  Some flags had a couple less than that...;)

I found this cute pinwheel pattern here and decided to just make them myself and send one home with each of them rather than have them make their own...

We watched a video of two little kiddos saying the Pledge of Allegiance and attempted memorizing it.  Apparently a couple of them had already mastered that feat.  Also watched another video of the Star Spangled Banner with some typical Americana photos (bald eagle, etc) flashing by.  Can't find it now of course...  Loved celebrating our country and freedoms with these kiddos!

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