Friday, February 22, 2013


So if you have young kids and you haven't made a field trip to Cabela's yet, you really should.  It's inside, so weather isn't an issue.  It's free, so cost isn't an issue.  Your only excuse is if you don't have one nearby, and Fort Worthians do not have that excuse!  On our most recent trip there, we stumbled upon the African animals exhibit which I could have sworn was not there last time we went.  That is mostly what is pictured below.  There is also a large aquarium that you can watch feedings at specified times.  Also there is a large mountain in the middle of the store with mostly North American animals and then another room with local Texas wildlife.  The fish are real, the rest are not, just so you know...:)  Thank you to the local taxidermy institutes for that.  The Fort Worth location also has a great pond outside that you can walk around or have a picnic at.  Inside there are also things like boats and ATVs that thrill my boys as much as the animals.  There is also a cafe upstairs that smells amazing but that I have resisted so far.  Maybe next time...:)  So next time you are feeling stir crazy with your munchkins, call me and we'll head up to Cabela's together!

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