Friday, February 22, 2013

Restaurant Review: Esperanza's

Sister Restaurant to Joe T. Garcia's, Esperanza's Bakery & Cafe is conveniently located on Main Street just South of the chaos of Stockyards Blvd.  When we went a little bit ago, we were impressed by both the food and the service.  On a week night it was not a bit crowded, we were seated and served promptly, and most importantly, the waiter treated my boys superbly.  I wish I had caught his name.  Going to restaurants with children is on my list of things I love to do right up there with plucking my eyebrows and cleaning toilets.  But this experience was practically pain free.  With my permission, he gave each of the boys a cookie upon completing their meal.  And throughout the meal he not only asked the generic "how is everything" but took the time to high five the boys, or some other sweet gesture that made me love it even more.

And the food.  I didn't taste everything.  The salsa was a bit hot, which my hubby loved.  But I did have the Monterrey Chicken Enchilada (8.25) and have been craving it ever since.  Yum.  So if you are interested in some delicious Mexican Food that is not fast food with your kids without breaking the bank, I would highly recommend giving Esperanza's a try!:)

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