Thursday, January 31, 2013

Family Game Night!

At our house we have a tradition of doing a Movie Night almost every Friday night.  Probably two or three times a month.  But this last weekend I felt the kids needed to do something other than take in more media, so we did a game night and it was a huge success!  My kids are 5, 3, & 1, and not a lot of our board games are tailored to that age range, so we got creative.:)

We played pictionary & charades, went on horseback rides courtesy of Daddy, built a giant puzzle together, made castles out of blocks, played Red Light Green Light, made a maze for our cars out of blocks, watched Daddy fly the helicopter he got for Christmas, built some Lego masterpieces, and just enjoyed playing and laughing together.  I even resisted cleaning up while they were distracted and got on the floor and played with them every minute!  What great memories we are creating- for me at least, and hopefully for them as well.:)

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