Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Fun: Day 9- Monster at the Door!

This morning while going for some exercise in the neighborhood where my boys have preschool I passed some houses that had some very creative Halloween decorations, and when we got home we decided to go ahead and make our own!

Supplies: scissors, tape, construction paper, and two white paper plates (you can use white paper instead and just cut it into circles...)

Cut two smaller black circles to make the eyes

 We decided on a orange nose and yellow/purple for hair.  For the hair I used a strip of black and taped smaller strips of the yellow and purple that I had wrapped loosely around a pencil to add some 'volume'. 

And voila!

We decided to keep ours on the inside to enjoy it more.  Plus, those that had it on the outside were ones with screen doors that put in on the inside of the glass so it was still protected and we don't have one, so...

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  1. You are my hero. How come you are so energetic and cute with your kids? Anyway, we just did this monster on the door which was perfect for my laziness/ability level. They Loved it and our house finally looks a little more festive. Thank you!