Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Fun: Day 8- Character Development

We made a run to our local Goodwill Thrift Store in search of a couple of items and stumbled upon this treasure, 
for which we paid a whopping $0.36.

Yes, it is VHS.  Yes, we are one of the few that still have a VCR.:)  I love it and we get most of our kids movies for <$1 as a result- a lot of Disney Classics...  But that's for another day.
So what, you ask, does this have to do with Halloween?  
Well, we may just be having a Star Wars theme with our costumes this year, so I wanted the kids to get to know their characters a little better!:)  So after a nice long walk to enjoy the beautiful fall weather that we are enjoying (finally!) and a rousing game of charades, we sat down to get to know Darth Vader and these cute friends before calling it a night!
So my suggestion is this: have an evening surrounding the theme of your characters and get the kids really excited to pretend being just like the eewoks in the movie!;)

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  1. That's funny because that's what we are doing this weekend. I'm letting them watch Wizard of Oz (yes they've seen it a million times but we will watch it and talk about who everyone is being). So fun. I'm secretly envious that you got the whole trilogy for $.36. That's crazy. I grew up on those movies and absolutely love them. I too still have a VCR and get all our videos at garage sales.