Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Fun: Day 29 & 30- Festive Rolls & Dinner

So we had a great Halloween dinner with all most things orange.  I put orange food coloring in my roll dough and then used cookie cutters to cut them into ghosts, pumpkins, and bats.  The boys got a kick out of it and it added a bit of excitement to the meal!:)  We also had some pretzels shaped like pumpkins and bats, mac n cheese, along with pumpkin plates and a dollar store tablecloth made dinner quite the event.  A little effort goes a long ways with my boys...:)  And all this fun obviously wore out poor James...he fell asleep one car ride with a fry in his mouth!

Here is my favorite roll recipe!  I use it for everything from a loaf of bread, to dinner rolls, to cinnamon rolls...  Obviously I altered it here to add food coloring and didn't roll them the same...
I originally found the recipe here.

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