Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Fun: Day 31- Costumes!!!

I know it is easier to buy them.  And probably cheaper in most way also.  And less stressful.  But.  I really love to make them.  Something about making my kiddos costumes just brings me such pride and joy.  I obviously can't make everything for them, but I did what I could.  My costume is courtesy of my sister, she made it years ago.  But I made my hubby's vest and belt, Dallin's shirt, belt, and cape, James' and Porter's Eewok headresses and sewed the front onto a jacket, and I made all of Porter's ninja costume.  Great Grandma Harker sent the cowboy costume to us from Idaho and even though he didn't wear it for any parties, he looks so dang cute in it!:)

So here we are: Staci as Princess Leia, David as Hans Solo, Dallin as Darth Vader, Porter as a ninja and Eewok, James as a cowboy, eewok, and skeleton...:)  And Aunt Tricia came back in time to come trick-or-treating with us!  She's the most realistic cowgirl out there...;)

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