Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reward Charts

At our house we are pretty much always working towards some goal or another.  It helps to have something that motivates us.  Charts/visuals are great ways to help the little ones tie the progress and the reward to the task at hand.  I have found, however, that when I enjoy the reward that we are working towards, it helps me to get excited about helping motivate the kids. 
For example- there is a donut store down the street that I have been wanting to try.  We have been working on cutting down accidents at night with my oldest and my middle son staying in his own bed all night instead of climbing into my bed.  Tie that all together and throw in this chart I made with some simple graphics and you have a great way to help reach our goals!
 After we moved, life was a little more circus-like than normal.  Everything was up in the air for long enough that our daily routine no longer existed.  In order to help me and the boys get back on track- and to get a little more help around the house- we started a daily progress chart.  Before they could have computer time (which happened while baby brother was taking his morning nap), they needed to have breakfast, brush their teeth, get dressed, make their beds, and help me with two chores.  They love their computer time and I love a few minutes of quiet when all three are occupied...:)
Since Big Brother had earned a toy at the store for accomplishing a goal (don't ask me what it was, I just remember it took a while to earn it...) Porter was feeling left out and Daddy caved and let him get a Captain America toy- but with a catch.  This is when we started tackling Porter staying in his own bed.  He had to go ten nights before we would take it out of the box.  Very motivating and it provided hours of occupied play time.  Win-win!:) 

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  1. You are a wonderful mom!! This will be super helpful when they start school as so many teachers use charts like this too!