Thursday, August 23, 2012

Homemade Raspberry Jam

One of my favorite foods my entire life was my mom's homemade Raspberry Jam. It was always a special treat and we rationed it out throughout the year to make it last. Well, a couple of years ago I decided to be a big girl and learn how to do it myself instead of sneaking some from my mom's stash in her freezer. I was surprised how easy it is.  And you won't be disappointed- I guarantee it!

All you need is pectin, raspberries, sugar, & water!

Find Sure Jell Pectin at your local grocery store.  Wal-Mart carries it sporadically, but I never find it when I need it.  There is a yellow box, and a pink box (that I have seen, their website says they have four varieties).  I have used both.  The difference?  When I bought mine yesterday at Albertson's the pink box was $4.50 each and the yellow box was $2.50 each.  That made the decision easy for me. 

Other factors to consider: The pink is reduced sugar, so that is a plus.  It requires more fruit to compensate, however.  The process with the pink box is essentially: clean and blend fruit, mix pectin and sugar in pot, add water, boil for one minute, add fruit, stir, and put in containers.  Let it process 24 hours at room temperature and then freeze up to a year.  It is a softer set than the yellow, and sometimes separates juices a bit more, but nothing that doesn't just mix together again when you thaw it out to enjoy.

The yellow box has more sugar (biggest drawback for me), less fruit, so it is a bit cheaper.  The process is a bit easier in my opinion also.  Blend fuit, mix in a bowl with sugar.  Boil pectin and water, then mix it with the fruit.  Pour into containers and let process 24 hours.  The set is a bit firmer.

In this picture, the stack on the far right is with the pink box, the two left are with the yellow.  Either way, deliciousness to last my family until next year!  Yum!
Note: this is 3 batches.

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