Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Just-in-Case Car Kit

I always feel like I know what life is going to look like when we head out of the house.  It rarely goes how I plan.  But that's what life is all about, right?  Expecting the unexpected.  Well, I have decided that there are a few catastrophes that I can avoid by taking a few minutes to prepare for certain scenarios.  Thank you to pinterest, I found inspiration from here.  I have made this kit that sits in the back of each of our cars.  I use mine much more than my husbands, but it's nice to have one in both places just in case.

I have included in mine:
*2 diapers
*a baggie full of wipes (you can never have too many)
*Fruit Chews (I use these ALL the time- any time I am in the car after 2:00 I use them to keep my kids awake because I know that if they fall asleep that late I am in for a LONG night!)
*a pen   *a comb   *lotion    *smal pack of kleenex   *2 safety pins
*2 hair ties (when I get frustrated, my hair in my face is always the first thing that puts me over the edge.  Am I alone in this?)
*gum (always good for bad breath emergency;))
*gauze & band-aids    *matches in a baggie
*a grocery bag (always handy for wet clothes or a stinky diaper)
*children's tylenol    *hand sanitizer    *ibuprofen    *little note pad
*$5 bill    *wet wipes    *travel toothbrush with toothpaste

(Don't mind the chubby baby foot in the corner;))
And it all fits!  Lovely!

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