Friday, August 24, 2012

Kids Olympic Party

I've never really been one to party.  I like the idea and the planning, but the actual carrying-out of the plans give me massive amounts of anxiety.  But for my kids sake, I have made a goal to become a better hostess and plan fun events for them and their friends to participate in.  So, we decided to celebrate the 2012 Olympic Games in London with a party of our own.

We invited some friends from our church (18 kiddos +6 parents) and built an obstacle course to rival the best in London...

They started by carrying their Olympic Torches under three tunnels...  (I stuck a couple of dowels {.97 at Walmart for a pack of 12 I think} in the ground and put a swim noodle over the top of them)

...carried a water balloon in a large slotted spoon around the cones...

...dropped the spoon in the bucket and raced with water balloon in hand to the target, where they all launched a bulls-eye...

...then down the slide into the pool, and a race around the corner to the slip-n-slide where they completed their courageous adventure!

We had a good time and concluded the races with cupcakes and popsicles!:) Apparently I didn't get a close-up of my cupcakes, but I made them from scratch (a first time for white cake for me) and decorated them with piped buttercream frosting and M&Ms in the pattern of the Olympic Rings- sorry I forgot pictures...and apparently the ones I took had lovely smears on the lens anyway.:(

It was fun to plan and I think the kiddos had a really good time. The water balloons and slip-n-slide were definitely the highlight of the day- now we get to start planning for Sochi 2014!:)

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