Friday, August 24, 2012

Cake Masterpieces...kind of...

I am no master cake decorator.  I've never taken a class.  A woman in my old neighborhood did a little workshop and taught us some of the bare basics, but mostly I've just looked online and messed around until I have found what works for me...  Here are some of my favorites- and a couple not-so-fabulous, but those are typically my kiddos favorites...

To celebrate lots of family birthdays this last Spring...  Colored Fondant with buttercream lettering and buttercream icing on white cake.  I think this one won the prize for the best ever- my nephew certainly thinks I'm extra cool now.;)

Not one of my finest, but an attempt none-the-less.  My husband is a wonderful artist.  Not by profession (though if he really had his choice he probably would be) but he is amazing in my opinion.  So for his birthday I *tried* to make a pallet and paint brush.  "A" for effort, right?
Elmo Cupcakes for the 2 year old.  I had to buy black frosting and used edible spray paint for the red.  I have since seen half-Oreos as the mouth and I love that idea more.

The big Elmo cake...

Another attempt- Monster Truck cake (I had very specific requests for this one...yellow with green flames).  All I can say is, I'm glad Daddy was around to salvage this one...

Race track with mini Cars 2 figurines.  I cut the ends off of two rounds and hooked them together with buttercream icing.  Colored fondant green for the outside, then bought a sugar sheet (like a thick piece of paper but made from sugar apparently so it's edible.  Not very yummy, but fondant isn't either.  I scrape both off before I eat the cake...) for the black track and cut it into this shape with a very sharp knife.

The Island of Sodor.  Once again, glad my husband came to the rescue.  Found these cute figurines to go on top, then found a picture of Sodor.  I drew it onto a piece of paper and then cut out the outline and placed it on the sheet cake (already prepped with buttercream icing and white fondant).  Then we sprayed the cake with blue edible spray paint for the ocean.  I colored fondant a variety of colors and then we molded them into the different elements- lighthouses, tracks, a whale or two (the hubby's idea...:)) and punched out Happy Birthday with some fondant cutters.  Voila!  Now I just need to figure out where Sodor is on our world map for the kid and he'll be super happy!:)

I forgot to take pictures of this one before we started eating it.  Woops.  I love the colors.  Once again celebrating multiple birthdays at once, so I put their names around the middle of the cake: girls is purple (Bella seen here...) and the boys (see the end of Grandpa?) in green.  So the cute buttons and the ribbon are made with a fondant mold.  A little tricky for me to figure out how to press them out without mutilating the design, but I got it eventually.:)  Homemade chocolate cake with a mint buttercream icing and fondant.


Another beauty.  Not sure my logic here, but I'm trying to be a fun mom and this sounded fun.  The presentation wasn't the most amazing, but the kids liked the colors and it was a fun treat to get to pick which color of cake they wanted...

My homemade cheesecake.  Simple.  Soft set.  Not a lot of decorating went into this one, but then again, my hubby is a real minimalist.  Dave preferred it frozen this time, actually, and it was quite delicious.  Yummy.

And the award once again goes to Daddy for this one.  I was thinking primary colors and when Dave started mixing the colors for me and they came out like this, I was initially unhappy, but it turned out absolutely adorable.  I had a pan for this one and we just piped the whole thing with buttercream frosting.  Dave threw in a twist this time, however, and added Kool-aid to make the orange color and it had quite the ZING to it!  Not sure if I loved it, but it definitely spiced things up a bit.
Hope you enjoyed these!  Many more to come throughout the year!:)

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