Friday, February 22, 2013


Remember back in elementary school when the greatest day in the world was when your class earned a read-a-thon?  We got to wear pajamas and bring our pillows and snacks and just read for like 45 minutes!  Felt like all dayback then...

Now fast forward to present day where it is hard to keep media and electronics from running our household.  We often do a Movie Night with the kids on Friday nights, but tonight I decided we'd do a Read-A-Thon!  We had so much fun!
 We went to the local library and stocked up on a nice variety of books.  After dinner, we gathered pillows and blankets and met in the front room to read!  We read and read and read.  Taking turns picking, Daddy reading some, Mommy reading some...  

Then we broke the party up for a minute and I made some snacks while Daddy got the munchkins in pajamas.  We reconvened in the front room with popcorn, crackers, pretzels, and fruit snack...:)  More and more reading.  Snuggles and cuddles included.  These kids are like sponges, soaking in so much and learning more and more every day!  Love this stage with my boys!

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