Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Easy Alphabet Game

So the other day while we were outside playing I decided to grab the chalk and we played this alphabet game.  I wrote each letter randomly across the driveway and then asked the boys to find the letter "R", for example.  They raced to where the "R" was and once they were on it, each thought of a different word that starts with the letter.  You could also adjust this to include uppercase or lowercase letters, sounds of the letter instead of a word that starts with it, etc.  Also, if outside isn't an option (like many of my mid-winter friends right now), you could write the letters on a piece of cardstock and tape them to the floor...  Or for less "active" play, write them on a big sheet of paper and have them point to the letter instead.  You could also incorporate some food if you wanted and have them eat the cereal that is on top of the letter or something like that!:)  Easy set up, easy (/no) cleanup, and the kids loved it!

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