Friday, December 14, 2012

Managing Empty Grocery Bags

Does this photo look familiar to anyone else?  Really?  Am I the only one with a giant bag full of other bags?  Okay, so maybe this post won't apply to you, but for someone out there, it just might change your life!:)  
I have always disliked my solution for storing empty grocery bags {under the sink in a bigger empty bag} but I didn't ever feel like it was worth making the sock for since everytime I use my mother's I pull out 12 instead of one.  Anyway.  I was at my sweet friend Lexi's house and she had the solution that I have been looking for!  This is 19 bags!

It's super easy, too!  The first time when I tackled my entire bag of bags it took a little bit, but it will only take an extra 5 minutes at the end of my shopping trip to make all my bags look like this.

See?  Simple!  I still have a bag of bags, but it is now a small ziploc bag.  And I have a couple stuffed in my purse.  And a few in the bottom of each garbage can that I use these for liners.  And in my baby's changing table for the stinky ones.  Genius!  Thanks, Lexi!

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