Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Harold our Magic Elf...

So I keep seeing all these cute ideas for Elf on the Shelf and I really didn't understand what it was.  So I did a little research, talked to some friends, made a run to the dollar store, and this was the result...
Elf on the Shelf Ideas - Note from Santa warning of elves mischief

This adorable letter from Santa is a free printable that can be found here, along with other ideas of how to get started.

Harold got his name thanks to the Helicopter friend of Thomas the Train and the funny little elf on Rudolph.  It fits.  I think it's a bit ridiculous to spend $30 on a book and funny looking elf, so this dollar store stuffed elf did just the trick for our family!:)
He started by eating a treat out of our Christmas countdown, colored in one of our coloring books, took some superheroes hostage but wrapping them up in the dump truck (notice Aquaman and Batman are working their way out!), and set up a wicked awesome racing world in the family room, as well as made an amazing castle using every last Lego in the house...

My kids are so excited to go see what crazy thing Harold has been up to every morning!  Thank you Pinterest!:)  I am really liking this fun new tradition at our house- and it's one that Daddy can really get into as well!  Bonus!

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