Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dutch Apple Cake

So when I was a nanny in Boston, the mother was from Germany and she introduced me to some marvelous dishes.  This is by far my favorite.  I'm always excited for an excuse to make this delicious treat!

I like to cut my apples up first- 5 or 6 Granny Smiths.  Peeled and cut into slices or chunks...I prefer the chunks.
I then mix my spices in a bowl.  It changes every time and I base it on smell and taste, but it is approximately 1/4 c sugar, 1-2 t cinnamon, 1/2 t each of nutmeg, cloves, and ginger, then 2 grinds of my pepper grinder.  
Then I sprinkle my bowl of apples and set it aside to let the apples soak in the flavor!:)
Next I make the dough.  The measurements are in grams, so I bought a good cook diet scale (yes, just for this recipe).  150 sugar is about 2/3 cup.
 300 g flour is a little more than 1 2/3 cups.
 Add softened butter (2 cubes)
 Beat an egg in a separate bowl just until the yolk breaks.
Add half of the egg to the dough mixture and form into a ball, then place in fridge or freezer until it is more firm.
 Roll out dough and place in spring-form pan.  I'm a little spastic in this area, so I skip the rolling and just press in into the bottom and sides of the pan.  Make sure to seal the edges so your juice doesn't all spill out during cooking.  Dump in apples and do lattice-work on the top.:)
 Bake at 400* for 15 minutes and then drop temp to 375* for 10-15 minutes.
 And enjoy!!:)

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