Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Fun: Day 11- Monster Hands!

My kids and I {and the husband} had so much fun with this one!  Thanks to my friend Tina for the idea!

Gather supplies: rubber gloves (down the cleaning aisle or $ store), some goodies (in our case popcorn, candy corns, jelly beans, and mini marshmallows), and something to hang them from (a Halloween garland was just the ticket for us but I've seen cute ribbon, yarn...).

Then fill up the hands.  Candy corn work great for the fingernails!
We hung ours up inside so that we can eat it later but my friend hangs hers vertically down her front door and it melts and she's just throws them away each year...  Whatever floats your boat!
Happy Crafting!

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  1. cute cute. I love how you and Meridith both did these hands this year. How fun. They look adorable inside.