Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Favorite: Websites for kids

Okay, so I can't really select my favorite websites, but as far as resources for my kids, there are definitely a few great ones.

Each day when the baby takes his nap it is designated "Quiet Time" at our house.  That is the only time my older two boys get to watch a show or play on the computer.  When they get computer time, these are the sites they are allowed on:

* (episodes from Disney Junior)

* (games and clips from the Sprout Channel- toddler/preschool focus)

* (PBS Kids Channel, clips and games with focus toddler thru elementary age)

* (games & clips from Disney Junior)

When I am looking for printables to keep my kiddos entertained for things like church or a long drive, these are my favorite sites:

* (printable mazes for all levels and in all different shapes, including dinosaurs!)

* (great for preschool planning or fun with an educational element)

* (great for file folder games and other printables)

* (my kids love hidden pictures and you can print some off on the site!)

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