Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Organizing Papers!

So I am one of those moms that saves everything.  Well, not EVERYTHING, but close.  I love the little handprint pictures and scribbles, their first drawing of something that they actually can tell me what it is, and then the first drawing that I can actually tell what it is...  But lately it has been piling up in the corner of my kitchen and making a little more than crazy.  So this morning, I starting SCANNING them onto my external hard drive!
First I found some bins, then divided the mountain of paperwork into three piles (one for each child) as best I could, then created files on the drive and started scanning!  It is going to take a few days, to be sure, but I love feeling like I am getting rid of something without losing anything!  Yea for technology!

So now my question is this?  What do you do to declutter all those lovely papers?  Take a look and then chuck them, save them til someone else throws them out, or keep them in a box until they get married and then let their spouse get rid of them?

Do share!:)


  1. Wow, that is a REALLY good idea. I should totally do that. Unfortunately, many of our papers have glitter, glue, and googly eyes all over them.

  2. As long as the glitter and glue are not wet, I don't see a problem. Just shake off the loose stuff first. Or you can always take a picture of some of those more 'fragile' items and then throw them out...:)

  3. I often take pictures and then throw the actual item away. But mostly I have a binder showing the progression of the artwork. For a few months pretty much every picture looks the same, but once they change something (like coloring in the lines or trying to create shapes), then that is the picture I save and put in the binder. The rest get to go to the recycling plant. I wish I had a scanner though so I could make everything electronic. Maybe someday!