Monday, September 17, 2012

Preschool Co-op: How to get started!

Having recently moved to Texas, I did a little research about the preschools in my area and didn't really feel that there were a lot of options for my 3-year old in my budget.  When talking to a friend at my church I suggested doing a preschool cooperative and she was on board.  As I talked to other moms in our church and neighborhoods, we found lots of interest.  I am loving it and so are my boys!  Here's how it has worked for us!

FIRST: Find other kiddos and Mom's that are interested  We have 7 kids and 6 moms (since I contribute two kids to the mix- not counting the baby...;))

SECOND: Establish a schedule.  We do Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:30-11:00.  We follow the local school district calendar.  We planned September thru December up front.  There are a variety of curriculum that you can use, i.e. Joy School, etc.  If you do a search for  "home preschool curriculum" you can find an infinite selection of choices.  For our group, we decided to assign each week a letter with a coordinating theme and then the teachers can adjust accordingly.  We each do follow the same daily schedule, which allows for the expectations for the kids and teachers to be uniform...  Here is how we have our daily schedule set up:
THIRD: Establish Expectations for teachers and children- it will help bring consistency across the board.  Here is an example of what we have set up...
FOURTH: Make a Go-to Box (link here)
FIFTH: Plan your week and HAVE FUN!  The kids can feel when you are tense, so try to enjoy.  More tips and fun lesson ideas to come!!


  1. This is great advice for setting up a preschool.

  2. I will start my new job as a preschool teacher tomorrow in a new daycare/preschool that just opened in our town. Our hours are 8-11. Your schedule is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thank you!