Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pudding Painting

It's an oldie but goodie.  Fingerpainting with pudding was always a favorite activity at our house growing up and my kids would agree.  Cons: it's a little messy.  Pros: it's fun, inexpensive, & requires very little prep time.

*Paint: Make a box of {chocolate works best in my opinion} instant pudding- the sugar free variety works just fine as well (I let it set about twice as long as it recommends)
*Canvas: We have used everything from wax, construction, or cardstock paper
*Brush: Put a big scoop in a bowl and let them use their fingers as the brush.  I started my oldest (that is super sensitive to new textures) with a watercolor paintbrush- but eventually he dug in with his fingers as well.

*Aprons are helpful in keeping the mess to a minimum.  Also, if you are concerned about your table, I have spread wax paper or butcher paper across the whole thing to protect it, but my table isn't really worth protecting.  And the baby just goes straight in the tub afterwards.:)
*I put the masterpieces on a high countertop to dry at least overnight (depending on how much paint they have saturated the page with)
*Happy Painting!

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  1. fun new blog stac! will this replace your other one? you are a fun mom. i hope i can be like you!